About us

We BARUKO EXPRESS CO.,LTD is estabkished in 1977, and has managed the carring company.

And,the export business was started in 1997. We are up to now such a trouble and either, up to now, have extended the achievement well.

 When exporting,all the loading of the container and the stocks of parts are done by itself. It loads it by the yard of the port in Izumiotsu in Osaka.

Our professional staff is loading the container. If it is highest compact car (Toyota and Starlet…etc), six can be piled up 40-foot container.

A special staff are always doing the standby for the selection of the car. Assessment persons are always doing the standby to the auction hall.

 Basically,we will tell details of the car to the customer based on the assessment table that they have written. info@baruko….when there are an opinion and a question for us.Please mail.

My best regards.

Head office
Osaka-imagawa office
TEL: +81-6-6702-0456
FAX: +81-6-6702-0582

Osaka-mihara Yard office

Osaka-Izumi-otsu Yard office

web      http://barukoexpress.com/index.html

E-mail  wada@baruko.com

Prresident : Masahiko Maeda
Export Department : Munetaka Wada

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